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Gossips of Stars
Thursday, 14 March 2013
Blade Runner Valentine's Day in South Africa shot and killed his girlfriend in the Beijing Paralympi
Blade Runner Valentine's Day in South Africa shot and killed his girlfriend in the Beijing Paralympic gold medal

Figure: Blade Runner sprinter with disabilities to become the first to participate in the able-bodied Olympics Games in London

NEW YORK, February 14, according to the BBC news that, in the London Olympics inspire countless people Blade Runner Oscar - 皮斯托ç‘̀æ–¯ actually shot and killed his girlfriend on Valentine's Day. Allegedly, he may be the other side mistaken as thieves have emerged as the first double amputee athletes in the Olympic normal human arena, only 26 years old 皮斯托ç‘̀æ–¯ undoubtedly track and field, while the elephants, however, this has inspired countless people Blade Runner was to make a surprise move on Valentine's Day! According to the BBC disclosed 皮斯托ç‘̀æ–¯ shot toward his girlfriend home in Pretoria local shooting bullets hit the poor woman's head and arms, leading to her death on the spot is well known, the crime rate in South Africa in the world It is one of the best, many local residents will bring their own weapons to protect itself from foreign invaders injury, the Oscar - 皮斯托ç‘̀æ–¯ should no exception. According to the incident the local police captain disclosed so far unclear the ins and outs of the whole thing, but media speculations, 皮斯托ç‘̀æ–¯ be mistaken girlfriend as intruder understand 皮斯托ç‘̀æ–¯ feeling in the world very rich. Before and after the Beijing Paralympics, he has about one often accompanied by thoughtful girlfriend Jenny; around the London Olympics 皮斯托ç‘̀æ–¯ was photographed by the media to date with the Russian supermodel Anastassia Khozissova. In a couple of months ago, foreign media the news that 皮斯托ç‘̀æ–¯ also ruthless rival put down due to an unknown woman then. Although rich in romance, but this suspected of murder or to the outside world was shocked, and just a few hours, the Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, Yahoo Sports disclosed this news to say that this case is not a recent sporting unique with shootings the case of his girlfriend, 25-year-old football star Joe million - Belcher few months ago in an altercation which emotional control shot and killed his girlfriend, and finally shot himself. I do not know 皮斯托ç‘̀æ–¯ cases evolve into what, but no matter what, Valentine's Day accident occurred, have to say is a tragedy Blade Runner information:

Has 27 times to break the men's 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters disabled world record;

2004 Athens Paralympic 100 meters bronze medal in the 200 meters gold medal;

2008, 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters gold medal in the Beijing Paralympic Games;

London Olympic Games in August 2012, as the 2012 London Olympic Games track and field team in South Africa men's 400 meters and 4 x 400 meters relay at the contestants, Blade Runner Oscar - Pease Torres became the world's first to participate in the Olympics legs amputated persons;

December 12, 2012, South Africa's Blade Runner 皮斯托ç‘̀æ–¯ completed a feat, the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games star with a called Maserati purebred Arabian horse racing racing results, South Africa Blade Runner actually won the game. '

Posted by gossipsofstars at 6:30 AM EDT
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Biography movie Lin Huiyin will boot Zhang Ziyi starred in the controversial Fig.
Mood:  chatty

Some netizens said: Zhang Ziyi To play Lin Huiyin I worry, do not give my idol play bad. Writer Windrunner unceremoniously express their own opinions: listen to how so do not fly Although I do not deified forest fan and some things are not now the mainland can looks good, the best do not touch. 

However, some netizens very chapter faction: Zhang Ziyi speech Huiyin, forest communicative wife, a strong woman touches the side performances, but to show the ladies and talented woman temperament side, enough to choke But literary wizard Zhou Xun.

So popular niche played by Ethan Ruan the great poet Republican undoubtedly provocative and challenging. From Ethan acted in the TV series and movies, Ethan temperament bias staunch and violence, let him play gentle and romantic, talking about love, then tired of dead people's poet Hsu Chih-mo, and indeed there is some discrepancy. Therefore, it was said, might as well let another popular niche Mark Chao to play it more reliable. But Ethan persistent side and Xuzhimo very similar sticklers users looked at from the historical truth, Weijun Zi, film critic, said: Lin Huiyin history than Xu Zhimo small-year-old Zhang Ziyi than Ethan Ruan Tianda-year-old, very curious about how to shoot? Yuelin what? 

As for a relationship Yuelin and Lin Huiyin Will the story of the movie, as well as candidates, and other details, the producers did not disclose Chang Chen Sicheng

Similarity: 80%

Lin Huiyin feeling in the world, Liang has been quietly care of her confidence in her husband, but also appreciate the wife talented admirers, or like-minded companions. But Sicheng has said, Lin Huiyin philosopher thinking and highly summarized things, her husband, is not easy. Chinese saying goes, 'the article is good, my wife is the people's good.' But For me, my wife is a good article is a good wife, I do not deny that sometimes tired and Lin Huiyin together, because she was thinking too active, and together she and her similarly responsive Caixing, otherwise they keep up with her. 

Announced the candidates, the literary niche Zhang Zhen has been affirmed. Chang Chen eyes and deep melancholy temperament plays a feeling in the world feel a burden to the husband is more reliable. Also suggested that Zhang Zhen users preferences were added, it is better to let Chang Chen to play Hsu Chih-mo, To fly much more than Ethan, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and cooperation with Zhang Ziyi again after many years, so that the partner does not seem too strange Lin Huiyin Short Biography

A poetic Chihiro waterfall

Vancomycin Rhapsody

Huiyin, born in courtiers family. China's first female architect, also Hu Shi hailed as a generation of talented woman in China in June 1904, Lin Huiyin born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, father Lin Chang-min, a former Assistant Attorney General and other staff of the Northern Government. April 1920, Lin father traveled in Europe, the impact of by the landlord female architect in London, set a ambition studying architecture. In the spring of 1928, she married the son of Liang Qichao Liang, is called a thief, understory beauty. April 1, 1955, died from tuberculosis permanently. Early thirties of the last century, the Sicheng with modern scientific methods to study of ancient Chinese architecture, she became a pioneer in the academic field. During the war, she moved with Sicheng Sichuan Yibin near the Li Zhuang, under difficult conditions, to assist Sicheng completed the first draft of the architectural history and Chinese architectural history illustrated catalog is issued written in English. After the founding of New China, Lin Huiyin involved in the design and construction of the Monument to the People's Heroes, and design a full set of Microhyla for Beizuo and monument, especially on the base of a series of wreaths. She and Liang for the protection of cultural relics taken great care in Beijing, the ancient city wall of the Ming and Qing demolished, Liang and Lin Huiyin ask brick crying. She had impulsively pointing was responsible for the demolition of the Beijing Deputy Mayor Wu Han said: Do you really think antiques to the demolition, future regret even then recover, at best, only fake antiques! And Xuzhimo Lin Huiyin Crescent School is also a poet. Lot of her life writing in literature, including works of prose, poetry, novels, plays, translations and letters are masterpieces, which represented as Rhapsody novel 99 Degrees Lin Huiyin traveled in Europe, and the blend of Chinese and Western cultures has created a culture of Lin Huiyin. Lin Huiyin feeling in the world has been the literary world the elephants, there are three men in her emotional world, the door is a son of Liang Sicheng, a Romantic poet Republican, an academic dean Yuelin Lin Huiyin father traveled to Europe to get to know the poet Hsu Chih-mo. The latter is married and has a two-year-old child but madly in love with her, and Lin Huiyin between romantic wander down-to-earth poet and future architects chose the latter In addition, Lin Huiyin once, because falling in love philosophy home Yuelin of trouble. Yuelin talented approving speech extremely Lin Huiyin character, very care; Huiyin also admiration for his beloved spiritual communication between them can be described as unusual. She will be this relationship consistent frank the husband Liang Sicheng tell us the truth. Sicheng later memory said: ...... heard this thing, I say anything to an indescribable pain deeply caught me, I felt the blood coagulation, even breathing difficult, but I also thank the emblem I trust and candor. ... I want the night conclusion tell Whei, I said, she is free, she chose the Lao Jin, I wish him the best. Whei I then told Lao Jin Lao Jin answered: 'It appears that thinking into a real love you really love you, I can not go to hurt people. should I quit.' 

After the death of Lin Huiyin, Yuelin write an elegiac couplet: a poetic Chihiro waterfall, vancomycin Rhapsody. Yuelin as Lin Huiyin lifelong bachelor, the death of the 85-year-old Liang Lin's children sent him to the final. '

Posted by gossipsofstars at 6:29 AM EDT
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